Kentucky Derby: Fancy Shoes for Horses, Men and Women but Hats take the Prize!


I have always dreamed of going to the Derby since I was a little girl.  The images of beautiful fast horses, elegant men and women and all out glamour remain stuck in my head with the help of movies such as Black Stallion, Sea Biscuit and Secretariat.   So if I were to attend the Kentucky Derby what would I wear?  It is on the LIfe Resume by the way!  I will get there one of these years.

The first thought that comes to mind is femininity and looking like a lady!

This is also the opportunity to pull out all the stops and stand out in the crowd.   If you want to be invisible this isn’t the event for you.  Pulling out all the stops means looking the utmost elegant and classy!

Men’s dress code is right along side with the ladies.  Stepping it up with a vibrant tie, Spectator Shoes and a Classic straw “20”s hat.

The second thought that comes to mind is a Hat that will never be forgotten!  Hats have been the “main” accessory to wear throughout Kentucky Derby History. The following hats are my favorites.


LEFT:  Lovely refined straw hat with big black flower, her glam shades only add’s to the look,  I love the subltle lipstick .


RIGHT: Grosgrain Ribbon and a Fresh Lily,so simple but stunning, not to mention her blond hair against the black straw. A smile never hurts either.

RIGHT: More fresh lily’s with  dashing yellow ostrich feathers.

This is my favorite because the hat is a gorgeous bursting Sunflower and the angle of the hat is  framing her face perfectly.  Lily Dache the famous Milliner in the 40’s would be impressed.


 I would definetly want to wear my Chanel Spectator Lace-Ups.  I don’t think I have to explain this —- oh sans the jeans.

On a final note I need luck not only for the horse I am bidding on this weekend  but luck brings me to the Derby next year.

 A Horse Shoe is considered to bring luck and good fortune if hung in a home with the family residing in the home.  If the horseshoe is hung with the ends pointing up it acts as a storage container of luck that is floating by.  If the ends are pointing down all the good luck will fall out and be lost.  So that being said, I wish for an Exciting Kentucky Derby this weekend, the first Saturday in May and I wish for lots of luck ahead!!!!!


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