Nike Flyknit Race Olympic Shoe– Hot Trend

As I was visiting the Bay Area last week, I had the luxury of watching the Olympics in my hotel room at night after my daily excursions.  I viewed the gymnastics, swimming and track.  I couldn’t help notice the majority of the athletes on the track field were wearing lime green shoes.

These shoes are the hottest trend that has emerged for the London Summer 2012 Olympics.  It is the Nike Flyknit Race Shoe.

Olympic Track & Field participants from the United States, Kenya and Russia, are currently competing in Nike’s special sneakers. Also various A-list American athletes seen wearing this shoe during the 2012 Olympic medal award ceremonies include: The Fab Five (gymnasts Jordyn Wieber, Gabrielle Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Alexandra Raisman and Kyla Ross), gymnast Danell Leyva, Iconic Olympian Michael Phelps, swimmer Ryan Lochte, swimmer Missy Franklin, swimmer Elizabeth Beisel, and 15-year-old champion Katie Ledecky. Other Olympians seen around London Town strutting in their Nike Flyknit Racers include: Team USA basketball player LeBron James and his teammates Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant.

A limited edition collection called the HTM Flyknithas similar design elements to the Racer. This design is a bit more streetwear-friendly and will be sold in cities: New York City, Tokyo and London.  Interestingly enough as I was at San Jose Airport on my way home  the trend had already caught on as I saw a man waiting for his departure in his Nike Flyknit Racer’s.

The Flyknit pattern, which took a few years to design and execute, has a lightweight knit upper, which makes it very easy to wear; as if one is wearing a pair of socks, with great sole support. The goal of this Olympic-standard product, stated by Tony Bignell, director of footwear innovation at Nike’s Innovation Kitchen, was to “engineer a sock into a high-performance shoe”. The Nike sneaker is made up of a feather-light, high-quality polyester yarn, which makes for fantastic durability and elasticity.

On a final note some Olympic Heroes  don’t need shoes at all. Just strength, determination and the will to never give up. South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius competes in a men’s 400-meter heat during the athletics in the Olympic Stadium at the 2012 Summer Olympics.


3 thoughts on “Nike Flyknit Race Olympic Shoe– Hot Trend

  1. I had noticed those shoes also, Monica. That is a great concept of a knit top and I am sure other shoe manufacturers will come up with their own version. Then I can wear them, too!


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