Bruno Magli- Tasteful Leather Shoes and a Scandulous Murder Trial

I am lucky to own 3 pairs of Bruno Magli shoes!

1. Red Leather Flats with an Enamel “Circus Heel”  This shoe grabs so much attention with that fabulous heel!

When I think of the upscale brand Bruno Magli I immediately equate that to Neiman Marcus or Saks in which it is going to cost beaucoup bucks for a pair of shoes in the range of $200-$400 unless I get lucky with an end of season sale.

2. Circa 1970 Cognac Platform Slingback. Retro and Super Fun 

 Well I did even better than that because all my Bruno Magli’s were purchased at Buffalo Exchange all under $30.00.

3. Gun Metal Patent Walking Wedge. Great for travel I took these to the YSL Exhibit in Denver. I was stylish and comfortable.

 For a little background history Bruno Magli started crafting women’s shoes in a small basement in Bologna, Italy, in the 1930’s.  The Magli Company developed a franchising retail network which led, in about twenty years, to around 40 “franchises”, around the world.  Magli is now a privately-held upscale brand leader in men’s and women’s footwear, leather clothing, women’s handbags, luggage items, small leather goods, and other accessories.

Bruno Magli shoes were in the spotlight during the O.J. Simpson murder trial. An  FBI expert testified that the famous bloody shoe prints at the scene of the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman  had been left by a size-12 pair of $230 Bruno Magli shoes (“Lorenzo” model). Simpson called the Brunos “ugly ass” shoes while denying he ever owned them

Photos were later shown to the jury of Simpson at  a football game, wearing shoes positively identified as size 12, Lorenzo-style Bruno Maglis.  Due to this public awareness,  the Bruno Magli name became famous but the  company no longer makes the “Lorenzo” model due to the sensitivity of the scandalous murder .


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