I’m into Leather

One of my favorite quotes in a movie is:  “ I’m into leather” in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall.  I have watched this movie at least 20 times and It makes me laugh every time.  Yes I confess I am into leather too!   The quote in the movie comes early as the young Neurotic Alvy Singer reflects on how his old school classmates turned out.

“I run a profitable dress company”

“ I’m President of the Pinkus Plumbing Company”

“I was a heroin addict now I’m a methadone addict”

“ I’m into leather”

If you haven’t seen this movie I highly recommend it.  It’s a classic and won Best Picture.

I am so into leather this fall that I have been hunting and gathering in a very determined manner.  I was very lucky to find some amazing pieces at Buffalo Exchange, Dillard’s and Zara online.  I decided to indulge myself and have a little fun with my leather purchases by having my husband take some photo’s in the Tucson Desert Wash .

Zara Patent Leather Boots. As with handbags, quality is so important and boots play up a sophisticated side to any outfit with just a tiny hint of edginess.

Circa 80’s Italian  Plum Leather Dress-  This is a lot of leather!

Bagatelle Vanilla Leather Moto Jacket – Super Chic and Edgy

Vince Camuto Camel Booties, Wilsons Pelle Brown Glazed Skirt and a Classic Coach Bag with no C’s on it – Just the way I like it.  ALL LEATHER!Escada Indigo Blue Skirt with White Stitching.  The leather is so soft and buttery- this is when you realize what Quality is!

Trina Turk Leather Vest– Very Fitted

Arden B Leather Sash/Belt. So simple but making a grand statement.

Leather Gloves with Fur.  Mac n Jac Black Blazer and Kenneth Cole Black Skirt, Moda Spana Black Booties. Power Suit of 2012.

Perhaps I have inspired you to add a piece or two of leather to your wardrobe. So on that note go thru your magazines and catalogs, get some ideas and visuals and before you know it you might even say out loud  “ I’m into Leather”!


8 thoughts on “I’m into Leather

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  2. Wonderful photo shoot, Monica. I love leather, too and much prefer it to any faux leather. I especially look for leather shoes and handbags as they are so much better quality and leather molds to the foot better. Your Italian plum leather dress is absolutely Italian in design and looks great. I have a Kenneth Cole dusty aqua short leather jacket from a consignment shop and almost gave it up again until I found a Tahari aqua top to wear under it which completes it. Thanks for posting this. You are very inspiring!


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