Spinning, Cycling and the El Tour de Tucson

As we are approaching Nov 17th the day of the “Race” it is hard for me to believe I am going to be in it!   I am participating this year with hopes of completing the 60 mile length that I signed up to do.    My Sister is flying in from Virginia to join me with the efforts.  There are also a lot of nice folks that I know that are participating as well.

The El Tour de Tucson is held annually the Saturday before Thanksgiving The El Tour  attracts over 9,000 cyclists of all ages and abilities from throughout the United States and worldwide. Main event routes show off Tucson’s beautiful vistas of its local mountain ranges – three rising over 9,000 feet- complete with the backdrop of the mighty Saguaro cactus, icon of the Southwest’s Sonoran Desert.  Course profiles range from flat to rolling or moderately hilly. All routes offer aid stations with water and snacks spaced about 7-10 miles apart, full police support at intersections and plenty of morale-boosting volunteers and spectators.  

I have been training this last month building strength and gaining mileage. So far so good, because it has been 5 years since I have been on my road bike.  I guess I was on a sabbatical or something of that nature.Actually what I really have been enjoying the last 5 years is spinning (indoor cycling). Spinning is definitely a bang for your buck and you don’t have to worry about a flat or being run over.

I am a Spinning Instructor and I love it because I get to be the DJ, and it is a very intense crazy cardio workout for one hour.   I refer to it as a sweat fest:  in one hour if working hard you walk out of class looking like a drowned rat.  Unfortunately I was busted one night at Trader Joes after Spin Class  by one of my lovely clients.

I was  looking the part of the drowned rat.  I always tell my clients to look their best at all times even when running around doing errands or grocery shopping. BUSTED!

These are my trusty cycling shoes I have had for over 12 years.  I  believe they will take me over the finish line and in a  week I sure will find out!  Until then—


2 thoughts on “Spinning, Cycling and the El Tour de Tucson

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  2. You will do well, Monica, I have no doubt. You have already kept yourself in good shape. I look forward to reading the followup. It is funny you were busted as I have never seen you anything but glamorous but in the real world and after a spin class, you look just like any other Tucson athlete who just finished a workout.


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