1950’s and 1960’s Fashion Illustrations, Nudes, Parisian Scenes from my Husband’s mother an Unknown Artist

What is more exciting than stumbling across something that you love and is now in your possession?  I have done just that.  My husband’s mother passed away recently and as we were cleaning and  organizing her estate I stumbled or should I say fell over with excitement the extraordinary finds in the garage.


Helen lived in Paris from 1954- 1965 teaching art, fashion, and falling in love.   She was an artist on her own right and her mediums included oil paintings, pastels, charcoal, and drawings.  I conclude she was prolific at that time and for reasons unknown moved away from her artwork.  The art has been preserved and protected all this time and discovering it all in the garage has been a very exciting project.

I am in interested in selling the artwork, I love the idea of the pieces going to the right home and buyers who will find much enjoyment out of it.   Below is a sampling of Helen Leyrers art in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  If you are interested in a particular piece of art please contact me at Monica@tenoutfits.com

Paris Scenes

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Cubism Nudes


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Fashion Illustrations

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Children’s Story Book Illustrations

Underwater Sea Adventure

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Adventure with the Owls and the Little Boy ( These are cut paper and painted)

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Helen’s Friends and her Private Collection

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Helen’s Son Stephen, my husband and his Masterpiece!!!!

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Cooking with a Purpose Continues…..

As I continue to cook up a storm and will continue to do so here are my latest triumphs.  Lots of salads with protein, and I experimented with desserts and some Agua Frescas.

Pork Hollywood Salad with Thai dipping sauce: I love this salad and wish I had a personal assistant in the kitchen who would chop everything for me!  Labor of love!


Corn, Pepper, Tomato Chopped Salad- More chopping- but worth it! I grilled all the veggies first.


Beef Tenderloin Thai Spinach Salad


Asian Turkey Burgers  with Bok Choy and  Cilantro Vegetable Salad – Gwyneth’s Recipe


Watermelon Agua Fresca – Gwyneth’s recipe


Nectarine, Honey and Mint Agua Fresca – Gwyneth’s Recipe


Vegetable Lasagna with Kale, Peppers, and Eggplant with Gluten Free Noodles.  With all the Lasagnas I have made, I no longer need any recipe for Lasagna -I just go with what I have in the fridge and layer!


Grilled Chicken on Spinach- My favorite stand by for chicken- Home Chef Recipe


Peanut Butter Cookies- Gwyneth’s recipe. I substituted Peanut butter for Almond butter


Brownies- My husband loved these – again Gwyneth’s recipe