Cooking with a Purpose Continues…..

As I continue to cook up a storm and will continue to do so here are my latest triumphs.  Lots of salads with protein, and I experimented with desserts and some Agua Frescas.

Pork Hollywood Salad with Thai dipping sauce: I love this salad and wish I had a personal assistant in the kitchen who would chop everything for me!  Labor of love!


Corn, Pepper, Tomato Chopped Salad- More chopping- but worth it! I grilled all the veggies first.


Beef Tenderloin Thai Spinach Salad


Asian Turkey Burgers  with Bok Choy and  Cilantro Vegetable Salad – Gwyneth’s Recipe


Watermelon Agua Fresca – Gwyneth’s recipe


Nectarine, Honey and Mint Agua Fresca – Gwyneth’s Recipe


Vegetable Lasagna with Kale, Peppers, and Eggplant with Gluten Free Noodles.  With all the Lasagnas I have made, I no longer need any recipe for Lasagna -I just go with what I have in the fridge and layer!


Grilled Chicken on Spinach- My favorite stand by for chicken- Home Chef Recipe


Peanut Butter Cookies- Gwyneth’s recipe. I substituted Peanut butter for Almond butter


Brownies- My husband loved these – again Gwyneth’s recipe



4 thoughts on “Cooking with a Purpose Continues…..

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  2. Are you crazy? haha No way I am opening a restaurant– no life and too much work! Thanks for reading and ironically we were going to go to Jax tonite and they are closed on Mondays so now I will be heading into the kitchen! GrRRRRRRRRRRR


    • I know – restaurants are a real pain, especially maintaining a staff. You have to be a little crazy to open and run one. And we have had that happen before – finding out a place is closed on such and such a day when it really should be open just for our convenience.


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