Part 7 Make Over of the Year: Dillard’s Shopping Spree

The fun continues as I take Jodi to Dillard’s Tucson Mall for the remainder of her $250.00 Shopping Spree provided by Dillard’s.  Cheryl Prendergast is awaiting our arrival as we need to fill in the holes of Jodis wardrobe and make sure she goes home with a Black Jacket. Cheryl is the wonderful, talented, professional team mate I am fortunate to work with when I bring Clients in to shop at Dillard’s.006 Our goal of both shopping trips both at Buffalo Exchange and Dillard’s were to beef up Jodi’s casual professional wardrobe.

Same strategy as Buffalo Exchange, Shop the entire floor first then try everything on. This saves time and you only  are in the dressing room once.  Good thinking! Oh we had a little fun on the way and Jodi had a litlle sticker shock!028

025As Jodi and I discovered within minutes she is so tiny (Size 0)  that most jackets, sweaters, and tops were to big even at the 0 size, or XXS.  With all my years of shopping for clients I can’t say I have ever come across a client not fitting into a 0.  HMMM I have got a challenge here.027

I like a challenge, bring it on!!  So lets go downstairs to the Junior dept!!!! Jodi stay focused, no faux beast today, I believe she said Yak! 029 This strategy worked in regards to pants AKA leggings that are not your ordinary leggings.  I am working with a dancer who happens to love sparkle, flash and fringe!069  I approved of her gold foiled print leggings as long as she calmed them down with a Conservative fitted Jacket. Balance is the key. Oh and the price??  You can’t beat it.081

I never have total control with a shopping spree.  I like my client to have input and pull things they like – the truth unravels in the dressing room whether it is right or wrong.032

The Black Jacket:Gianni Bini, Great fit will need to be altered in the sleeves


The $11.00 pants:  “Missoni wanna be’s” and they seem to be doing a pretty good job.  A major game changer for Jodi was going from a wide leg pant to a tight pant, or leggings.  The tight pant gives the illusion of longer legs, and we found out just how great her legs were with this change.  No more wide pants!


The Fantasy Purchase:Fur Theory Ensemble.  Upon arriving at the store, Jody suggested she would pick out one ensemble that was over the top and expensive.  Result was Theory’s $345.00 Rabbit Fur Bandeau x 2. Voila!


The Shoes: We were lucky to stumble upon a 65% Sale off Shoes.  Jodi walked away with 4 pairs of edgy gorgeous shoes averaging $31.00 each.  Score!

077 068

The Loot:  Pretty Woman!  Jodi only had to spend an extra $31.00 for her shopping spree on Clothes and $116.00 for her shoe purchases.  Excellent Value which includes 3 Black Jackets, 2 pairs of pants, 2 cardigans, and 3 tops


The Bond:  We are having so much fun together and not only is Jodi growing and learning but I am also.  Surprises and Lessons always come into play when you surrender your self, and allow for things to just happen.


We have now completed our MakeOver of the Year to do List.  Next up is a Fun Fashion Photo Shoot highlighting all the work and celebrating the New Jodi!!! I will be taking the photos and I am thankful for Stephanie Lew and Brittney Christie who were both my teachers in teaching me how to  take a good shot!  They both are amazing photographers.

Stay Tuned and Watch us on the Morning Blend -KGun Wednesday February 25th at 11am.






Part 6 Make Over of the Year: The Facial and Makeup Lesson

The Makeover of the year with the winner Jodi Netzer  is more than I could of ever imagined!!!  Everyone involved is absolutely 100% on board and I couldn’t be happier.  Jodi and I now are headed to Blue Mercury which generously donated a facial and makeover for the promotion.  Blue Mercury is a boutique Beauty Bar and Spa located at La Encantada  and what a luxurious day ahead for Jodi.

The Facial:057

Nancy Matherne was Jodi’s facialist and took care of Jodi with caring hands.  Jodi has been  negligent with a skin care regime, so Nancy educated her on Skin Care 101 and Jodi being the awesome student that she is listened diligently and was ready to make some changes for her daily at home beauty routine. See the smile she is willing and ready!   A new habit takes 21 days for success.
078Nancy discovered that Jody had very sensitive skin and it showed with flakiness and red irritation. Jodi also has dehydrated skin and needs moisture.  She was using water, soap occasionally, coconut oil  and that is it. It will take time for her skin to acclimate to being taken care of!!!

Products that were used to calm and cleanse were Skinceuticals Gentle Cleansing Cream followed by Dermalogica Rice Enzyme Daily Microfoliant.  Ingredients include Green tea, Ginkgo, and salicylic acid that would lift the flakiness, calm, and sooth.  Nancy also used Skinceuticals Hydra Balm to massage and finish with Skinceuticals Physical UV Defense SpF 30 Sunscreen.
062Jodi’s eyebrows were a little unruly so Nancy took the liberty to trim them and shape them up a bit.067 And for all of us who have had a facial,  I think you will agree— the massage is the best part— YES?????? Jody is in sleepy bliss land064.075The Makeover lesson and application was given by Heather Van Houten.  With  years of experience, Jodi was going to glow and look flawless after Heather’s touch.  Heather chose Nars nude collection and added  a bit of  beachy natural look

079Concealer is in my vocabulary and mandatory for a polished eye. Dark Circles? Puffy?  God forbid you didn’t get all your beauty sleep?  CONCEALER!!!!!
087 Dab Dab Dab, Heather is working her magic089 Jodi hasn’t seen the final results but can sense it is all good! Her makeover is coming along quite nicely! Heather used a tint moisturizer with Sunscreen, blush, sheer powder,  the nude eyeshadows from Nars, Mascara.  Her lipstick is a pale pink- very sexy in my opinion.  I am a red lip gal so I like to see the alternative!095

The Celebration of feeling gorgeous!  Wow!!!!

098 Jodi’s outfit  was purchased at Buffalo Exchange a few days ago on her shopping Spree,part of the Makeover of the Year.

Wool and the Gang Knit Vest, Black Cami, Sparkle Leggings and Walter Steiger Black Boots.  I am impressed and a proud Stylist today!

I am wearing Lafayette Burgundy Suede Jacket, Zara Rose Blouse and Zara Jeans, Vince Camuto Leopard Booties.

109Jodi is clearly turning into a glam rock star and I am loving every minute of it!  Next up is  the Final Photo Shoot  and oh— a surprise bonus with her ultimate makeover!!! Stay tuned  it just keeps getting better!151

Part 5 Makeover of the Year- THE HAIRCUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Ten Outfits Make Over of the Year is really coming along beautifully with the winner Jodi Netzer and today was the day  I had been waiting for!!!!! The Haircut and Style!!!!!

Her last haircut was the year 2000!!!  I think it is time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

studio 110

Vanessa Baird owner of Studio 110 was the woman who was going to cut and style her hair. 021 Vanessa was so helpful in discussing with Jodi what haircut would look best on her based on the shape of her face and her little petite frame as well.028  The shape of her face is elongated slightly, and currently with the length of her hair it was too much hair in conjunction with her little petite frame.  Vanessa and Jodi agreed on a Lob (long bob),  with slight layers.  Jodi also has course hair so it was important she used some products that defreezed and smoothed her hair out. Vanessa used Salt Spray on her .

The Shampoo and Massaging the Scalp-  Ahhhhh034

The Cut036038043

The blow dry:  Vanessa said to prevent frizz always hold the blow dryer in a down position rather than up042

All of Jodi’s dead ends are gone.  Her hair looks healthy, soft and pretty.  What an improvement 044049The Curling:  Vanessa used Hot Tools 1 1/4 inch barrel to curl Jodi’s hair.  The goal to bring a little body and curl for her hair.  Vanessa informed us TJ MaXX has this tool for 19.99.  The purchase was made the next day  for Jodi to use at home.052

TA DA!!!!  I love the gentle bounce and body of her hair.  The length is perfect, not weighing her down.
Styling Tips.  Vanessa is demonstrating how to pull back hair in a stylish way.  Jodi was pulling it back in a low twist, which aged her.  By pulling it back a little tighter and above her ears it gives a fresher more youthful look
066071Another option of a pull back look.  A few bobby pins to hold it secure.076BEFORE002AFTER   WOW!!!058

I asked Jodi to wear something she had purchased at Buffalo Exchange yesterday and I loved what she put together.  She is looking fabulous in her mini skirt and showing off a great asset- her beautiful legs!!, Add a  Splendid Blue Cotton Cardigan over a white cami, a little jewelry and coral wedges and you have an outfit!   The wedges also came from Buffalo.  055


Vanessa was wonderful in educating not only Jodi, but I learned a few tips too!  Thank you Vanessa!!

I am excited to be holding NO MORE BAD HAIR DAYS Workshop at Studio 110 on March 22nd at 11am.  For more info please go to my website at

Next Service on the MakeOver of the Year — Facial and Make up at Blue Mercury!!! Stay tuned


Part 4 MakeOver of the Year : Shopping Spree at Buffalo Exchange

The Total Shopping Spree amount was $500.00  I decided to divide the prize $250.00 each at Buffalo Exchange and Dillard’s.  I chose Buffalo Exchange because I knew we would find one of a kind treasures at a great price  and I was right!  I wanted Jodi to get the most out of her money and introduce her to one of my favorite stores.




Jodi met me at the Buffalo Exchange on Speedway and Campbell001The management which consisted of Jennifer and Rachel  greeted us openly and helped us with anything we needed.  Thanks to both of you and Amelia.  All of you were so helpful that day. 012

The Shopping Strategy was to pull clothes first and then try everything on.  We were specifically looking for Business Casual, along with Hippy Chic items that would carry over from day to fun night outfits.010

We found so many  great pieces!  Jodi as it was her first time in the store was absolutely amazed!  With my expertise of designer labels and knowledge of quality clothes, I always describe Buffalo as giving candy to a baby when I shop there for clients. Jodi was reluctant when I would hold something up and say “How about this” but she was willing to try and with that attitude beautiful surprises always go home with the client – things she would of never picked out ever!!!!!   Jodi was also blown away as I was educating her on what a great deal she was getting as I was finding designer labels that ran anywhere from $95.00 – $250 per item.

After shopping the racks we headed into the dressing room to try on.  This was a 2 hour process and so much fun.  We scored!

Below- BCBG Black Crop Pants, Retail Value $225.00,  L’Agence Black Knit Long Cardigan, Retail Value $195.00, Banana Republic Blue Dot Top

025 Free People Raspberry Jeans, Peach Sleeveless Top New Tags on $98.00, Anthropologie Ivory Long Cardigan


Banana Republic Dalmatian Top, J Brand Black Jeans

035My favorite find- Knit Fringe Vest by Wool and the Gang,
Retail Value $195


Handkerchief Cotton Tunic by Nicholas K Retail Value $205.00


XXI Sequence Black Vest, Forever 21 Violet Jacket


Additional Items that were purchased:  Smokey Blue Cotton Cardigan by Splendid, Stripe Mini Skirt by Ladakh, Coral Knit Peek a Boo Sweater by Lucky Jeans, Grey Skirt by Express, Olive Leopard Jeans by Rich and Famous


Jodi spent her  $250.00 Gift Certificate which covered  all the items above.  The retail value would of clearly been over $1200.00!  What a deal.

We will be shopping Dillard’s in a few days to fill in the holes that are missing in her wardrobe.   In the meantime the next service for her Makeover is a Haircut and Style  at Studio 110.






Ten Outfits Make Over of the Year Part 3 Bra Fitting and Lingerie 101

After  completing our Style Evaluation and Closet Edit Jodi,  the winner of the MakeOver of the Year and I were on our way to get a new bra and perhaps a few other goodies.  Jodi was in for a treat today!

I always suggest before Personal Shopping one must  be fitted for a Bra in their current size. Without the proper foundations –  blouses, tees, sweaters may lack in the best fit which means you don’t look your best.

003Bravo Boutique owned by Katrina Anderson donated a $75.00 Gift Certificate, along with the Bra Fitting.  Katrina’s expertise, enthusiasm, and outstanding customer service made the visit a total success not to mention FUN too!!!!004  If you haven’t had the opportunity to stop by Bravo and treat yourself to a new bra, a highly suggest it.

In the case of Jodi’s bra fitting and her petite frame she ended up purchasing  a beautiful Bralette by Cosabella and Fleur’t  Cotton Panties to match.  Jodi doesnt need a lot of support with her bra so the Bralette was perfect. 015 Feminine, fun, beautiful Italian Lace and wonderful to wear under perhaps a sheer top, or  low plunging top so the bralette peeks out .  Peek a Boo!

The Game Changer of the day was introducing Jodi to one of my favorite Items, especially for us little gals with little ta ta ‘s-  Smooth’em Nipple Concealers011 These silicone discs which adhere are perfect to eliminate the “headlights” and actually give you a little roundness, and smoothness resulting in a seamless silhouette..  Jodi loved them!012  They are great when you are wearing items that are backless, skinny little straps, or plunging V’s or low cut.  Seriously I can’t live without these, and I don’t think Jody will either.

It was a great day at Bravo, the store is beautiful , the merchandise is luxurious and of the highest quality. 021 I think Jodi had fun and learned  new  information on foundations.

A big Thank you to Katrina Anderson for her generosity and helping Jodi to look her best underneathath her clothes!

Next Blog Posting:  What Happened on the Shopping Spree at Buffalo Exchange.

Ten Outfits Make Over of the Year Part 1 and 2 The Style and Closet Evaluation

A new year brings hope, a new outlook on life,  new goals and successes. For 2015 I decided Ten Outfits my business, was going  to offer a fantastic Makeover Package that would inspire not only the winner’s transformations but motivate all the rest of us watching the process while taking place.  Change is good, it keeps us moving forward and it is exciting!

The next couple of weeks  I will be blogging about the Winner and Runner Ups as all the Transformations take place.  I hope you stay tuned observing and cheering them on

8.5x11-v1 (1)

Part One:  Style and Closet Evaluation.

I met the winner at her house and to start her winning package we sat down and discussed her image, lifestyle, color, her body type, shaving ect…. I shared visuals that helped my  client understand line and design with her own body type and fashion examples that may inspire…002The winner of the $2200.00 Package: Jodi Netzer002

Jodi clearly was a Bohemian gypsy hippie  image that wanted nothing to do with a classic conservative look.  As I ask all my clients to fill out a questionnaire, she made that clear with her answers.  004

What I liked was her openness to listen to me and absorb what I had to say in terms of improving her professional wardrobe and polish her image.  She asked me to improve her professional flair while maintaining a functional versatility with her wardrobe.  Yes I can do that.

After talking awhile we dived into her closet and it was then I was introduced to a closet that was 90% costumes .010 Jodi is an artist, dancer, choreographer and it was so obvious her love of this and it showed triple fold in her wardrobe.  I realized I was in the right place.  She needed my assistance  in building a professional wardrobe for her other career in life coaching, and  graphic design.  If she was to be taken seriously we were going to have to tweek the wardrobe.  She was willing and ready.  Attitude is everything and Jodi had the right attitude!

Jodi is tiny and petite.  As we edited her closet , most items were to big on her and just hanging, not doing anything for her cute little figure.007  In particular I had her try on all her jackets that she had purchased from some time ago and they were all headed into the pile for exiting the building.

All the jackets below were hanging off her shoulders, too long in the arms, and in general to big.

019 016 015 The pile to exit the building025


She did have a jacket that had potential but it needed a belt  to give her shape and show off her figure. It was an Alberto Makali . I demonstrated with my belt I was wearing what a belt can do.018 Jodi now has a waist where the above picture she is lost in the jacket.017

As we continued to edit, her jewerly needed organizing and it is on her to do list as she has just moved into a new lovely house and is still unpacking.  I will be checking back with her in a few months.  023

She shared with me a heirloom of her baby picture in a locket.024She had just gone to the famous Tucson Gem show where she purchased many beads and will be trying out a new hobby of making her own jewelry.  I saw the beads she purchased.  Impressive.

Editing your closet is always an eye awakening experience not only for Jodi but for all the clients I have worked with in the past.  It is a lesson that stays with you forever and a new learned tool that must be applied regularly in order to stay current with your wardrobe and of course STYLISH!!!

Stay tuned the Bra Fitting is up next!!!!







Palm Springs- The Parker WOW!!!!

Quick trip and so much to digest so to speak.  I haven’t visited Palm Springs in 15 years and I forgot how much I loved it.162  Let me rephrase that I think I love it more than when I first visited.  My appreciation for Mid Century Modern Architecture and Interiors has increased triple fold since my last visit. 161 For starters I stayed at the Parker  which is the bomb for everything I just mentioned above.  

142My purpose was to visit my mother who is not well, and my sister travelling from Virginia  joined me along with my husband.074  I knew it was going to be a emotional trip so my instincts were  to stay at the best place and make the most of it while dealing with family issues.  Mission accomplished.147

The Parker  is one of the coolest hotels I have ever stayed in.  Once upon a time Merv Griffin’s Resort and Givenchy Spa,  it had a major makeover.

I felt like I belonged here the minute I stepped on the property.  I don’t feel that way with other hotels.  The vibe was laid back with a great sense of style and I was responding immediately,  feeling a sense of calm and happiness.  The Mission Inn was completely different in the sense of architecture but gave me the same feeling.087 Bliss and Joy!  ( Notice the Giraffes in my blouse)  Irony to come……119  This is why we need to travel, to jumpstart are senses again and feel alive with what we love and are attracted too!

Jonathan Adler Interior Decorator, decorated the hotel.  Having already owned his book and enjoying every minute of it, the book came to life as I saw  in person his talent. I am in awe over his decor. Fun, Whimsical, comfortable and definitely colorful!!!047

046082While my stay was short I tried to soak it all in084

The entrance and Foyer of the Parker140

The room with Jonathan Adler touches


photo11The Amenities!!!! Yes090

Private Patio with Hammock and the only noise I heard was chirping of birds and as I looked up saw trees against palms.091

094The grounds spacious, inviting and wanting you to investigate every inch



OMG Ping Pong !!!!!!!!058The Spa luxurious, exotic  and peaceful

Indoor  Salt Swimming Pool071Moroccan Rest Area under a twinkle star tent068

Private Pilates Room- Steve and I had the privilege of using114

The pool,

Beautiful people with a  quiet vibe and lounge music in background— aahhhh



The “cocktail” lounge sitting area049Julia and Steve077048

Me and my Sissy099

100Normas Restaurant 087

The Fashion Photo shoot –  What timing to witness

112As we were ready to depart Steve said drop your bags there is a giraffe by the pool!  All part of the Lauren Conrad Fashion Photo Shoot126 133 The Giraffe’s trainer took off the harness and the Giraffe decided to run around a bit on the grounds.  We were told to be quiet and still.  I glued myself to a Palm tree but still took sneaky pics!132 131

I told you the hotel is amazing.  Magical is the word.


Now for the one day on Palm Canyon Drive—

Mid Century Galore!!!!  I can’t wait to come back and investigate all the stores and take tours of architecture history ect…  Here are a few stores that lured me in……..

169 168 167 165

The Drive home044And on that note I will be be returning as this trip was a tease and I lust for more!!!