Ten Outfits Make Over of the Year Part 1 and 2 The Style and Closet Evaluation

A new year brings hope, a new outlook on life,  new goals and successes. For 2015 I decided Ten Outfits my business, was going  to offer a fantastic Makeover Package that would inspire not only the winner’s transformations but motivate all the rest of us watching the process while taking place.  Change is good, it keeps us moving forward and it is exciting!

The next couple of weeks  I will be blogging about the Winner and Runner Ups as all the Transformations take place.  I hope you stay tuned observing and cheering them on

8.5x11-v1 (1)

Part One:  Style and Closet Evaluation.

I met the winner at her house and to start her winning package we sat down and discussed her image, lifestyle, color, her body type, shaving ect…. I shared visuals that helped my  client understand line and design with her own body type and fashion examples that may inspire…002The winner of the $2200.00 Package: Jodi Netzer002

Jodi clearly was a Bohemian gypsy hippie  image that wanted nothing to do with a classic conservative look.  As I ask all my clients to fill out a questionnaire, she made that clear with her answers.  004

What I liked was her openness to listen to me and absorb what I had to say in terms of improving her professional wardrobe and polish her image.  She asked me to improve her professional flair while maintaining a functional versatility with her wardrobe.  Yes I can do that.

After talking awhile we dived into her closet and it was then I was introduced to a closet that was 90% costumes .010 Jodi is an artist, dancer, choreographer and it was so obvious her love of this and it showed triple fold in her wardrobe.  I realized I was in the right place.  She needed my assistance  in building a professional wardrobe for her other career in life coaching, and  graphic design.  If she was to be taken seriously we were going to have to tweek the wardrobe.  She was willing and ready.  Attitude is everything and Jodi had the right attitude!

Jodi is tiny and petite.  As we edited her closet , most items were to big on her and just hanging, not doing anything for her cute little figure.007  In particular I had her try on all her jackets that she had purchased from some time ago and they were all headed into the pile for exiting the building.

All the jackets below were hanging off her shoulders, too long in the arms, and in general to big.

019 016 015 The pile to exit the building025


She did have a jacket that had potential but it needed a belt  to give her shape and show off her figure. It was an Alberto Makali . I demonstrated with my belt I was wearing what a belt can do.018 Jodi now has a waist where the above picture she is lost in the jacket.017

As we continued to edit, her jewerly needed organizing and it is on her to do list as she has just moved into a new lovely house and is still unpacking.  I will be checking back with her in a few months.  023

She shared with me a heirloom of her baby picture in a locket.024She had just gone to the famous Tucson Gem show where she purchased many beads and will be trying out a new hobby of making her own jewelry.  I saw the beads she purchased.  Impressive.

Editing your closet is always an eye awakening experience not only for Jodi but for all the clients I have worked with in the past.  It is a lesson that stays with you forever and a new learned tool that must be applied regularly in order to stay current with your wardrobe and of course STYLISH!!!

Stay tuned the Bra Fitting is up next!!!!








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