Ten Outfits Make Over of the Year Part 3 Bra Fitting and Lingerie 101

After  completing our Style Evaluation and Closet Edit Jodi,  the winner of the MakeOver of the Year and I were on our way to get a new bra and perhaps a few other goodies.  Jodi was in for a treat today!

I always suggest before Personal Shopping one must  be fitted for a Bra in their current size. Without the proper foundations –  blouses, tees, sweaters may lack in the best fit which means you don’t look your best.

003Bravo Boutique owned by Katrina Anderson donated a $75.00 Gift Certificate, along with the Bra Fitting.  Katrina’s expertise, enthusiasm, and outstanding customer service made the visit a total success not to mention FUN too!!!!004  If you haven’t had the opportunity to stop by Bravo and treat yourself to a new bra, a highly suggest it.

In the case of Jodi’s bra fitting and her petite frame she ended up purchasing  a beautiful Bralette by Cosabella and Fleur’t  Cotton Panties to match.  Jodi doesnt need a lot of support with her bra so the Bralette was perfect. 015 Feminine, fun, beautiful Italian Lace and wonderful to wear under perhaps a sheer top, or  low plunging top so the bralette peeks out .  Peek a Boo!

The Game Changer of the day was introducing Jodi to one of my favorite Items, especially for us little gals with little ta ta ‘s-  Smooth’em Nipple Concealers011 These silicone discs which adhere are perfect to eliminate the “headlights” and actually give you a little roundness, and smoothness resulting in a seamless silhouette..  Jodi loved them!012  They are great when you are wearing items that are backless, skinny little straps, or plunging V’s or low cut.  Seriously I can’t live without these, and I don’t think Jody will either.

It was a great day at Bravo, the store is beautiful , the merchandise is luxurious and of the highest quality. 021 I think Jodi had fun and learned  new  information on foundations.

A big Thank you to Katrina Anderson for her generosity and helping Jodi to look her best underneathath her clothes!

Next Blog Posting:  What Happened on the Shopping Spree at Buffalo Exchange.


One thought on “Ten Outfits Make Over of the Year Part 3 Bra Fitting and Lingerie 101

  1. Lovely little pickings, Monica. Nice underwear makes you feel pretty, too. I have been buying the Soma bras for a little while and wish I knew about them earlier. Don’t think I will be needing the silicone discs but that is interesting to know. All these little feminine secrets!


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