Chic Style with Slides

Slides can look Chic and Stylish!!  I just proved it to myself with my wardrobe and I had my doubts.  It is all about balance and proportion.   After selecting the clothes for these slides my conclusion was slides dictate a Sporty, Classical and Simple look.

Below are a few examples from the slides I blogged about previously and now have the outfits to go with them.

002Sam Edelman Leapord Birkies with J Crew Black Shorts and Zara Black Sweater.  3 Black Resin Bangles, Chanel Black Shades



Cole Haan Brown Cork Heeled Slides with Cynthia Rowley Pink Cotton  Skirt, (Marshalls) So White Sleeveless Blouse



Born “Bottega Veneta” Wedge Slides with Ann Taylor Brown Jacket  and Blue Label Saks Fifth Avenue Black Pants



Adidas Poolside Slides with BCBG Blue Cotton Dress and Airport Shades (12.99!) Delayed flights can get you in trouble at the gift shop!


Stuart Weitzman Tortoise Wedge Slide with J Crew Graphic Tee and Just Living Khaki Pants (Marshalls)



Clarks Black Patent Slides with Trouve White Sheer Duster and J Jill Black Tank, Black leggings


Stay tuned for next blog as a Shoe with a Historic Past is finally due for retirement!


Slide in and Get Comfortable Part 1

Slides are a huge trend this Spring/Summer.

Marc Jacobs.   Looking very Dr. Scholls


Sporty, Comfortable and Stylish??? That is the question.  When paired with the right clothes you can pull these shoes off without looking frumpy, but I admit it is tricky fashion.  Ultimately the taller you are the easier this shoe is to look “good”.   This blog is an example of Slides.  Part 2,  I will pair them with clothes that  will compliment  and achieve a cool stylish look for summer.

The  Almighty Birkenstock has returned with Designer labels and price tags on them.BIRCKIES 2

I thought I would check out my own inventory and see if I had any?  Just so happens I do indeed.

Stuart Weitzman:  My favorite shoe designer hands down!  This is my second pair of this exact shoe.  Tortoise Wedge and Black Leather top.


I felt a little surge of relief with this trend because as much as I love my collection of unpractical gorgeous uncomfortable shoes I must admit I do need and want some “comfortable shoes” that I can walk and talk in without showing facial expressions of PAIN!slidesClarks:  These Slides are so sublime!  I think they are quite stylish too!  I am pairing them with A-Line skirts and simple tees.  It works!


Sam Edelman:  Leopard speaks to me always and these Birks copies are really quite fab!  Wait till you see what I do with them next week.


Cole Haan:  Purchased these at Last Chance Nordstroms in Phoenix.  Quite a find and love the rich cognac color.  They will go with everything and so trendy right now!


Adidas:  My Adidas Run DMC – fun song , great documentary on Adidas and the relationship with Run DMC.  Aside from that I have always been a fan of Adidas with my Stan Smiths on the Tennis Court to these Pool Side Slides.  I think they are so hip now I want to incorporate them with my wardrobe.  Lets see what I come up!


Born:  Am I crazy or do these look like something Bottega Veneta would design? Sleek, the classic Basket Weave, two colors that combine beautifully.Perfect wedge, height, and  comfort. Purchased at Dillards.


These are the examples I wanted to share on slides, the “it” shoe of the season.  Stay tuned for my next posting while I stylize these slides  and make them  look Uber cool!

Vegas Eye Candy , Window Shopping and What Not to Wear to the Airport- GUILTY!!

Shopping in Vegas is really awesome, especially if you just hit the jackpot! Or you are a CEO just watching your cash flow in, or you are a Personal Shopper like me and spend other peoples money!

Every high end, designer boutique you can think of is here!!!!  I took the opportunity to explore the Crystals Shops, The Grand Canal Shoppes, Bellagio and Caesars Forum Shops.  I targeted specific stores that I lust after from reading Vogue, IN Style, Elle ect…  I also found a few new ones that delighted me- details to come.

For my Window/Walking Shopping Experience I wore a Zara Sequined Skirt, Black Top, and my oh so comfortable Clarks Patent Slides which are currently very stylish now .  I was getting compliments everywhere.

Celine was offering a pair for $1050.00 011

Balenciaga for $585.00

balenciaga 585

My Clarks I bought on Ebay for $30.00   I know how to shop!!!  Appreciate luxury goods, and buy accordingly.

006 As I was leaving Las Vegas apparently my skirt is not Airport Security friendly as I was instructed for a second security check  . AKA strip search.  The “Security Machine” does not like any sequence whatsoever and every woman that wears some type of sequence will be frisked and patted down. 004

Who knew sequence was dangerous????  So this new found knowledge is a must have for all fashionistas:  DO NOT WEAR SEQUENCE TO AND FROM  THE AIRPORT UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE FRISKED!

Lets begin the window shopping eye candy experience!!!

The Crystals: Located by Aria, Vdara and Mandarin Oriental Hotels- Choice Boutiquescrystals

Jimmy Choo

I loved these and visited them 3 times $465.00  I walked away without them

FullSizeRender (2)

I confess I like spikes and studs and this bag intrigued me since it was so over the top!  Over a $1000.00 too!

FullSizeRender (27)

Dolce & Gabbana

I always romanticize over D&G.   I love their concept: modern, sexy, vintage and vibrant colors with lots of jewels and drama!  Bring it on, I want to be entertained.

FullSizeRender (10)

FullSizeRender (11)

FullSizeRender (7)

 STOP!!  I Think this is the most amazing pair of shoes I have ever seen.  $3900.00  A heel that is caged with a jewel box inside.  OMG I love it!!!!  I am cancelling my summer vacation for these. LOL!!

FullSizeRender (8)


My love affair with Gucci is forever.  When I owned a Vintage Consignment store in Palo Alto California in the early 90’s, ladies were dropping off their Gucci bags because the label and lust was over.  Guess again ladies. Thanks to Tom Ford and Madonna in the late 90’s Gucci is king again.  I want these shoes!!!

FullSizeRender (12)

I want these too!

FullSizeRender (4)

Donna Karan

I remember watching a  Fashion documentary in the 80’s  on  KQED while living in California.  Donna Karan stood out to me because it was the recession, Couture and High End Designers were struggling and when I saw her represent her season collection she walked out to the audience and was so compassionate. She communicated how everyone needed to work together and support the fashion industry and have faith that the US would pull out of the recession and build forward to be a better America.  I never forgot her impact and to this day I like Donna Karan for being a amazing designer and amazing woman!  Her designs are simple, elegant, classic and comfortable with luxurious fabrics-   It is always about the fabric ladies!

FullSizeRender (26)


When you see this dont’ you just smile and say WOW!!   This is a Collection Spring Revival 1973.  Yes the 70’s are back!  The colors, fabric, lines all perfection!


The Window lured me in!  Pink, Red and Flowers– LOVE all this Beauty

FullSizeRender (22)


Conspiracy Theory:  J Crew is stealing  Lanvins Jewelry designs.  How do I know this?  Because as I cruised the gorgeous Lanvin Boutique and honed in on the jewelry case I couldn’t help but notice the similarity between J Crew jewelry, which I own quite a bit of and Lanvin Jewelry.  Difference??? Price point and quality of course.  Lanvins baubles are to die for and the real deal.  I wish I could afford it.

I also have to say on a side note I had so much fun with the gentleman who was working that day at Lanvin Boutique.   He was pure delight! Him and I could of gabbed about fashion all day long.  Advanced Style was brought up!


Gold Link Chains and Rhinestones- Yes


Oversized Pearls and Rhinestones with Satin Ribbon


Oversized Cabernet Shoulder Duster Earrings- Sexy yes!


Brunello Cucinelli

Italian brand known for the best Cashmere in the world.  This window stopped me in my tracks because look how elegant and beautiful this is?  The Fedoras top it off.  If only we could all touch the luxurious cashmere coats.  MMMMMM soft and wonderful

FullSizeRender (5)

Kiki de Martnapasse

New discovery and glad I stumbled upon it.  I love beautiful lingerie and this store surpassed luxury along with a little naughtiness and fantasy.

FullSizeRender (21)

I did say Naughty!  $295.00 for the pair!

FullSizeRender (20)

Hmmmmmm I can’t help but have a little curiosity in this boutique. The lace bra and tap pants all hand made, Imported lace and  fabric.  Set $650.00

FullSizeRender (13)

Maribou Feather Ring  $995.00   I will be making this at home.  I have got it all figured out- When completed I will boast and brag about my new craft business.  Maribou Rings to fancy and tickle!

FullSizeRender (14)

Grande Canal Shoppes Part of the Venetian and Palazzo Hotel and Casinosgrand-canal-shoppes-1880x680

Barneys New York

I have always enjoyed shopping at Barney’s because it is a vibe my soul needs. There is so much eccentricity between the staff, merchandise  and the people who shop at Barneys.  Everything is displayed artistically, supreme quality, never over crowded racks and it feels like Fashion Church with a vibrant pulse.


FullSizeRender (25)

This display caught my eye because I am still trying to figure out who would look good in it and how flattering it would be?

FullSizeRender (24)

Bellagio Shops

The Conservatory:  Surprise it is Spring!  The flowers displayed here were intoxicating and beautiful

FullSizeRender (18) FullSizeRender (16)

Todd English Olives Restaurant

Pit stop and refueling.  Carpaccio and hidden underneath that mound is arugula and Polenta.  A Negroni washed it all down beautifullyIMG_2969 (1)

Chanel Boutique

Black and Ivory Lucite Lacquered Box Bag  $12000.00

FullSizeRender (1)

Chanel Quilted White Leather Chunk Heel and Black Patent Wide Straps.  Beautiful

FullSizeRender (3)

Caesars Forum shops

Long Champs

I think this bag is gorgeous.  Patent Leather Cream Shopper $650.00

FullSizeRender (17)

I have mentioned in other posts how much I love my LongChamp messenger bag.  Here it is with me again with my travels and it is now considered Vintage.


Henri Bendel

Holly Cat  Mirrored Sunglasses $135.00 YES I bought these!!!!!!!!!!

henri bendel eye wear

See’s Candies

What’s a shopping trip without a little sugar?


Reflecting in my bath about all the fine things in life and luxury goods.  Quality vs Quantity.  Window Shopping and Browsing was so much fun on this trip.  It gave me inspiration, ideas and excitement for Fashion.  I am anxious to share my enthusiasm about what I saw and inspire others to feel the way I do about being a Fashionista!

FullSizeRender (19)