Where is Jodi today? The Makeover of the Year Winner 2015

It has been 6 months since the MakeOver of the Year Winner Jodi Netzer and I were together.





To recap Jodi entered a Ten Outfits raffle in January and  won a $2500.00 Makeover which went like this:8.5x11-v1 (1)

It was an amazing transformation, and I wanted to see how she was doing currently.  We met at Pencas for lunch to catch up!  She looked great!


006During our lunch we  reminisced our time spent together during the project and what an impact it has made on her life.

She said to me” You came into my life by divine intervention just as I was turning 40 and made a huge difference in my life throughout the whole experience to the finished look.  You  dramatically boosted my professional confidence while maintaining my arty nature.  I love your eye for style and you were super fun!

I really love my job as a wardrobe and style consultant.  Watching transformations and seeing clients potentials and dreams come true about their image and self confidence is a wonderful thing to see and be part of.

As we continued to reminisce it was fun to re-live the final day of the Makeover of the year when we were both going to be on the Morning Blend Tv Show, a local program.

I was camera ready with my BCBG Cobalt Blue cut out dress and Vince Camuto Spike Heeled Shoes.  Its go time….047Heather Van Houten  freelance makeup artist, graciously offered her talents and time to make sure Jodi was also camera ready for the Tv Appearance


I prepared a little Breakfast spread we could all enjoy.  Pain Au Chocolat, Honeydew melon, Hard Boiled eggs and fresh squeezed grapefruit. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!!!


As we had prepared prior to the tv appearance on exact wardrobe, Jodi threw  a curveball to me as the makeup was being applied the morning of.  ” I didn’t bring with me the vest I am suppose to wear, so I will have to go back to my house and find it”!  Nerving and unsettling this comment was to me, I decided to shop my own wardrobe and come up with an alternative.  I think it worked! A feathered vest that would compliment her jacket in cool colors which was her palette. The Forever 21 Magenta  jacket was purchased at Buffalo Exchange during our shopping trip

021 (2)

The appearance on the Morning Blend was successful and after a month of Jodi’s transformation I saw it all come to closure. I was relieved and a little sad at the same time.

Here are a few more highlights of her transformation



On a final note stay tuned for Makeover of the Year 2016!  It is in the works as I speak now and it is going to be yet another wonderful transformation to come——


I broke the law in Carmel!!! Shackles for me???

If I didn’t get a permit to wear high heels in Carmel,  these Gladiator Heels by Aldo could be trouble!! Little did I know!!!!374Only the shoes are illegal!


So to begin the story,  the town of Carmel is so beautiful, as I said in a previous blog.162  It is a special place. A cottage town that is charming, sophisticated, rustic, artistic, lush, wealthy, and friendly. 137 I lived here in the 80’s and worked at Saks Fifth Avenue which is sadly no longer here.

During my last visit this past June I decided to take a “Walking Tour of Carmel” and actually learn about the beautiful city I l love to this day, worked in, and visited for many years after I moved to the Bay Area and now living in Tucson.walking tour

My tour was a leisurely 2-hour guided walk through secret pathways, hidden courtyards, award-winning gardens, and  enchanting storybook cottages.151020 As the group met for intros in the Courtyard of Pine Inn ( My favorite place, Il Fornaio Atrium for biscotti and espresso.)  Secrets were starting to  unravel about the town and I was intrigued and amused!310

What to wear on a walking tour?? My kick ass ankle cognac boots of course.  These were handmade and have helped me with many travels with both comfort and style !290Kelly Steele was our guide and he  makes his home in Carmel-by-the-Sea, having lived here  since he was one year old. 
He takes special pleasure in sharing the beauty and history of the town with his fellow travelers.160

He began the tour with Fun Facts!

It is against the Law to wear High Heels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I called him out on this naturally.  Before you walk in your five-inch Louboutins into Carmel, California, you will  have to stop by the City Hall and secure yourself  with a permit. 141Originally, the law, which prohibits heels taller than two inches, was intended to prevent against accidents on the city’s cobblestone streets that might lead to injury (which might lead to lawsuits).

Wow Nellie STOP!!!!  This was so archaic and silly I had to follow thru and get me a permit!  It was FUN and official. 167 All my young years working at Saks Fifth Avenue and I never knew. It takes a tour to be introduced to the LAW!!!181

Other Fun Facts

With celebrities such as Clint Eastwood and Joan Fontaine living in Carmel, it hardly made news when ardent animal lover/actress Doris Day purchased part ownership in the historic Cypress Inn. Below are some of Doris Day’s movie posters in the Lounge at the Cypress Inn.  My personal favorite- Pillow Talk with Rock Hudson147 And residents of this dog-friendly community were no more surprised when she implemented the policy allowing pet owners to bring their dogs into their hotel rooms for the night. Guests, however, have been both surprised and thrilled. To this day dogs are invited in most shops, restaurants, hotels.301

Unwilling to see their village become “citified,” Carmel’s founding fathers rejected the practice of house-to-house mail delivery in favor of a central post office. To this day, there are still no addresses, parking meters or streetlights, and no sidewalks outside of Carmel’s downtown commercial area. 280

So many other town highlights I want to share:

Carmel Valley Drug Store on Ocean Avenue.  So upscale and posh. 169 Thru the years I have bought high end cosmetics, aspirin, and beautiful prints of Carmel’s spectacular beach and ocean.004

The Artist, Miho Simunovic had a gallery on Bryant Street in Palo Alto where I owned and operated Timeless, my Designer Vintage Consignment Store. We were neighbors and I was so excited when I saw his artwork in this Drug Store.

Cantinetta Luca Ristorante:  Great pizzas, pastas  and speciality house made Sausages. 168

What to wear when dining at Cantinetta  Lucas?  My Calypso Navy Cashmere Sequined Long Sweater, jeans and tank underneath, Statement Earrings, Donald Pliner Silver Sandals.

Comfort + Style = Carmel Chic!


Having been a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia owner during my early years how could I not stop and honor thy Ghia?


Sidewalk Art Galleries and shops

Carmel Art Association

FullSizeRender (5)

I was lucky to stumble upon a famous 20th Century Photographer, Edward Weston  Gallery. 311  He is known for his Nudes.




As I was walking the sidewalks in the window was this amazing painting of Airstreams. 313 I have such a fancy over these , when I lived in California working at Sunset Magazine an article highlighted Airstreams as accommodations at the Shady Dell in Bisbee. Yes I was on the next plane for  the authentic Airstream experience.  It was Awesome!!! 007
The best and Stylish boutique I discovered was GBG Carmel.  Pricey and wanted everything in it!


Farmers Market- How lucky was I to see beautiful vegetables.  Vegetables always speak my language


As I continued my window shopping tucked away in a little courtyard was a little shop, Ruffle me to Sleep that sold pajamas and robes with an emphasis on beautiful quality fabrics. 321                                                                                                                                     I met the owner, Dee Borsella, who is a seamstress and customizes pillowcases, lingerie, pj’s etc.  I asked if she had anything naughty and she became intrigued. The answer was no, so I shared with her the naughty pillow cases I saw at Kiki Montparnasse in Vegas

FullSizeRender (20)  She loved the idea and was excited to be the new scandal in town providing these to her loyal clients! I need to follow up and order a set!


On a final note I can’t forget the surfers catching the waves at the beach.  As I walked Scenic Drive, there he was getting ready to catch the surf.  I admire these guys for their adrenaline drive to seize the day and go for it!!!  It’s called living in the moment!  A lesson we could all learn, I know I need more of that!


Where the Wild Things are

Point Lobos! Located on the Monterey Peninsula heading towards Big Sur on Highway 1. One of the most beautiful parks in the world! 522 Trails are breathtaking of rugged coast and what you see when you look down off a jagged cliff! 472

479What you see on the horizon- 486What you see in the deep thicket of meadow and trees– 442The wild things that are so desirable and exciting to observe.489  Have a look at what I have seen and believe in nature.  260

I have been visiting here since I was 10, and I still am awed every time I see these rugged rocks


A visit a few years ago Steve getting friendly with a Pelican



Happy Squirrel


Curious Squirrel


086Curious Otter

Carmel 005

Harbor Seal soon to be enjoying his rest on the rocks

Carmel 006

Dolphin instead of Jaws!

256Love the colors on this crab

Carmel 011

Fossil in the making it appears

Carmel 016Birds nest discovered

Carmel 013Looked above as I was on the trail and there they were!!! Fly Pelicans fly!!!

One blubber, two blubber, three blubber, four and five


The Pennisula’s amazing cypress trees


This was so unbelievable. On the trail I saw so much movement ahead in a patch of woods.  This little baby bunny was frolicking with baby quail, momma quail – at least 20 and 10 other little baby bunnies.  Did I just get a preview of heaven????

Amazing Cypress on a Cliff


Rugged coast- so powerful. Gives me strength every time I see it


Alvin doesnt no what he is missing out on!

392 389

Even the littlest creature I find so amazing and beautiful

Am I crazy or does this look like a nice view from their perspective!!  Nature and God’s creatures win!!!!!!!253