Ten Spring Trends that Tucsonians will Love


This Spring the Fashion Trends include the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!  I was inspired with so many beautiful looks that  I am showcasing the Good, with specific detail to the needs of those who live in the Desert, Tucson Arizona.   I consistently hear the challenges Tucsonans face when approaching their wardrobes with the heat, sweat, and sun to deal with.   My job as a Wardrobe Consultant is to tackle these needs and provide my clients with options and alternatives in which they can maintain a stylish wardrobe, be comfortable and feel great without breaking the bank.  I always suggest Pinterest Inspiration Boards or Binders for which they can use to “see ” a great look and then modify to their own comfort zone.   Below are the “Inspirations of Spring Trends”

1.  Bermuda Shorts:  Classic and Cover the Upper Thigh, in other words no more daisy dukes.

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