Moving Objects

Being in a car either as the driver or passenger I have seen some interesting moving objects and cargo I couldn’t resist taking a picture of.  Being we were all “moving” the pictures are candid, interesting, and to the point!

Driving Home from Phoenix


Driving on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles


Driving in Tucson to Deliver a Swan to a friend!


Driving in Massachusetts on the Interstate on the way to the airport!


Driving on Oracle in Tucson during Holiday Season


Photoshoot for Tucson Lifestyle Magazine


On Oracle heading to Oro Valley.  Saguaro en route!  What a production.



3 thoughts on “Moving Objects

  1. So glad you took the photos and shared, Monica. I have often seen the overloaded trucks with mattresses, chairs, etc. going down Oracle. Some are probably going from the Golden Goose where they pick up all kinds of things and head back to Mexico. I once saw a Jack Russell on the back of a motorcycle with a complete outfit of leathers and goggles.


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