Project Makeover Winner of the Year 2017 The Pictures you won’t see in Tucson LifeStyle Magazine!

Each year one lucky lady is selected to get a Grand Makeover that will change her life!!!

The Makeover Prize includes:

Ten Outfits Style Evaluation,  Ten Outfits Closet Evaluation,  Ten Outfits Personal Shopping + $700.00 to spend, Bra and foundations to take home with custom fitting , Makeup by artist at Dillard’s , Hair cut and style at Gadabout , Professional photo shoot by Tom Spitz, and an appearance on the  Morning Blend  TV Segment.

Blanca was the winner!!!

Selected as one of the three finalists her winning answer to why she needed this makeover was:

I need help to improve myself and I’m tired.  I don’t have the energy to do it alone.


So let the Project begin!!!

Style Evaluation and Closet Evaluation:

Basically it should be called the “discovery”.  Why?  Because Blanca as well as all my other clients who have braved the Closet Evaluation  discover things about themselves they never have before.022 Blanca saw in her closet who she was many years ago, her current life (mom),  with very boring (mom) clothes, and  the forecast of who she wanted to be !

She forecasted a  mother who was well put together, who had style but still comfortable.  She realized the time she was spending on herself was next to nothing and it showed.

She realized holding on to garments that didn’t  work for her was a disservice to her.030

She also learned the best clothes that compliment her body type (apple).  She learned her assets being her gorgeous legs, skin tone, arms, beautiful face and smile.  She learned  how to accentuate those areas as much as possible and taking the eye away from her challenging areas being her midsection area.037

As we edited her closet , half was tossed because the item was dated, stained and old, did not fit,  and was in the wrong color for her.  Her color palette lends to vibrant rich colors so all pastels and muted tops, sweaters and jackets left the building!022

We also placed her full length mirror in a strategic place so she could actually see herself from head to toe!

By the end of our 2.5 hours she was energized and the transformation had begun! We had created a shopping list of new items that would achieve her style goal of looking like a cool mom and being comfortable at the same time!

Dillard’s Tucson Mall024

Fear Factor shopping! Comments I get before diving into the racks of clothes are ” I’m overwhelmed,  We won’t find anything, nothing will look good on me”.  As insecurities are surfacing I know with all my years of experience successes are on the way!

We found beautiful pieces at Dillards with the $700.00 prize money. 072

Since Blanca is a stay at home mom, and property manager we were looking for casual, fun well fitting clothes. Basically her ” uniform ” to be was a great pair of jeans and leggings for the season and beautiful tops that were steps up from her boring tees.

Here are some outfits we found at Dillard’s




041She was in need of the little black dress! This dress by Theory  is simple and drapes beautifully to conceal her tummy area, along with the turquoise necklaces to draw attention upward around her face.  The  hem length shows off her legs and highlights  her shoes.  These shoes are very Prada-esque!!! Without the prada price

You don’t have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans! You just have to know how to wear them!  In her case the leopard top fits perfectly, skimming the body and concealing her tummy.   The blouse has a v shape at her neckline, which is also flattering.  045

She also needed some new shoes for the wow factor !


As we were shopping for shoes Blanca went right to the 5 inch platforms.  Very impressive!! That doesn’t happen to often with my clients, due to the consistent need to wear flat comfortable shoes.  Taking the elevator up with a high heel is an added plus for petite frame!036


Samantha Ruiz was the talented makeup artist who applied Armani makeup that took Blanca from ordinary to extraordinary!006

Makeup was applied using Artis Brushes, resulting in a flawless natural finish.  Brows filled in,  eye shadows applied, kohl eyeliner to bring out her eyes bronzer to contour her cheeks.  Rosy brown lipstick to show off Blanca’s full luscious lips.


Professional Photo Shoot Day! (The photos that are in  Feb Issue of Tucson LifeStyle Magazine for the story)

To create a beautiful photo many people are involved!  The Executive Editor of Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, Scott Barker, Tom Spitz, Photographer


Artistic Director of Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, Matthew Kaufman


Joseph Boldt, Assistant to Tom Spitz


and myself the Stylist is what is needed to make a great photo. We all collaborate to make it work.  It is a very fun process.  I love it!!

Before the photo shoot, I also need to mention Blanca went to Dillard’s for makeup. Samantha from Dillard’s Armani Cosmetic counter did her magic again, and Gadabout for her hair to be done  prior to  the photo shoot! Megan was the wonderful Hair Stylist from Gadabout.

Blanca had not had her haircut in a year and a half.  She also had a stressful year which resulted in hair loss, and lost the luster too.

Megan gave her a rich conditioning treatment, trimmed, shaped her hair around her face and styled it for the photoshoot !  Blanca was enjoying every minute of it and her hair looked gorgeous in the end!



The location of the shoot was at Highland Park near her house.  This was of great convenience because her entire family was going to be involved with a photo , along with us running back and forth  to her house for wardrobe outfits.

Shot 1:  Being treated like a queen from her family was the first shot!  How fun as they showered her with treats and love! Dillard’s provided the awesome couch that Ted Baker provided Dillard’s  for his clothing line.  I provided the rest of the props.



Blanca is wearing a coral shell  which adds a punch of color. The vest although we can’t see it in the picture adds structure.  It  slims her waistline along with adding a layered look without the bulk because they are both sleeveless.  A cardigan or jacket could be added for continued layering, but the vest is the detail a lot of us would not think to do!


Shot 2    Wow!!!  Blanca is so beautiful here, nothing else needs to be said.

The blouse is so colorful and  extremely flattering on her.  The cognac booties hit perfectly in proportion to where the jean hem ends.  Simple outfit formula: blouse with interesting elements+ great fitting jeans+ cool current shoes+ jewelry = Fabulous Outfit!!!!


Shot 3

This is my cruiser bike that was a prop in the photo shoot and it was a hit, because Tucson Lifestyle used it on the cover of the magazine!  Blanca was having so much fun and she seemed like a natural at modeling!


Want to lose 10 pounds visually?  Vertical dressing!!!  Wearing the same color on the top on bottom, as Blanca is doing here. Add an interesting cardigan, great pair of shoes and jewelry and you’ve got yourself a great outfit!

Me and my bicycle!!!  I was goofing off in between the shots taken.


Blancas transformation was a total success!  Her desire to be open to new ideas, wanting to learn and the willingness to make daily changes are the ingredients needed. She committed to making an investment on herself.    She was absolutely delightful to work with and I think for both of us it was a rich fulfilling experience.

And I am already looking forward to next year for another remarkable transformation!!!

If you are in need of a Makeover and want to improve your image please contact Monica at


4 thoughts on “Project Makeover Winner of the Year 2017 The Pictures you won’t see in Tucson LifeStyle Magazine!

  1. Inspiring! As always you capture a persons inner beauty and make it shine with the right clothes, makeup , hair, and of course a genuine smile.


  2. Blanca has such a great smile and looks so polished and like herself ! I want Outfit #3. Do you suppose that Blanca would loan it to me? Wonderful job Monica


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