Surround Your Home with Style: Part 1, Exteriors

It is vital for me to be surrounded by beauty! This past January I moved into the biggest house I have ever lived in and on my own.  It is a temporary situation but I still need to make it beautifu…

Source: Surround Your Home with Style: Part 1, Exteriors


Drooling over Mid Century Architecture in Palm Springs

I am a fan of Mid Century Architecture, Design, Art, Furniture and Decor.

A recent trip to Palm Springs left me drooling with Mid Century Eye candy everywhere.  I found the motherlode in the Las Palmas neighborhood.

It was crazy hot during my visit, temps reaching 114, so opted not to get out of my car, the pictures you see were taken from the driver’s seat.  Both windows rolled down and I shot away with my Canon!

Have a look!











If you like Mid Century You must be drooling too!!  My next blog I will be showing the details of  these amazing homes plus a few Mid Century pieces of my own that I covet.  Stay tuned

Inspiration from the Lush Life in Carmel

Beautiful flowers, gardens, landscapes, cacti, succulents, ect  all take my breath away everytime I visit Carmel.  I get  inspired when I see all this and it  always motivates me to dress better with my wardrobe, improve my own home and garden  and “lush” up my life!

Fleur Dress by Zara, Burgundy Fringe Necklace by Eddie Borgo


During my last trip to Carmel I could not stop myself from taking pictures of all the beautiful “LUSH” plants, succulents,and flowers.  They thrive so well in Carmel due to the fog, moisture and cool temperatures. I am envious that the Succulents do so much better there than here in Tucson.

Here is the proof!


What a walkway to the door!


Succulents that look like Giant Sand Dollars!


Gorgeous with the Red Outer Leaves


399 285 143

This gorgeous cacti specimen displays in front of a Church.  The famous Cypress Inn owned by Doris Day is across the street.


The Courtyard behind Anton and Michels.  I used to have lunch at this restaurant way back when I worked at Saks Fifth Avenue on Ocean Avenue.

287More Succulents decorating the sidewalks and streets
164I love this grey color mixed in with the rocks and dark burgundy


I call this the egg yolk flower. Spotted this beauty as I was walking to La Playa Hotel to see all their flowers!


La Playa Hotel


On one of my visits to Carmel I stayed at La Playa.  This was the view from my room

001 005

Geranium Basket


Charming Outdoor Cafe on Ocean Ave

403Bougainvillea- is exploding with color everywhere


331The next two pictures were taken at Point Lobos National Park. Absolutely gorgeous park with breathtaking views of the Sea and Sea life, rugged cliffs,  great trails.  I will be blogging about Point Lobos in the near future!
505 460


This house is on Scenic Drive, I love the carpet of flowers


Carpet of Iceplant and Window Boxes


Carpet of Lavender with a Wild Rose climbing up the chimney.  Wow!!!!  The owner came out and I asked her if she minded I was taking the picture.  She said no and was just happy I appreciated her House and Garden.


I think it is so important we are inspired by someone or something to improve our daily lives and get a little circulation going thru our creative veins. The only way to do this is by getting ourselves out there seeing new things, embracing new experiences and meeting new people.  If you are lucky enough and live with people who inspire you and are surrounded by Inspiration all ready than my congrats to you.  For me I need to go out and get it!!!

Fleur Blouse by Zara,  J Brand Jeans, Cole Haan Brown Croc Embossed Belt