Ten Tips on Cool Summer Outfits wearing Comfortable Shoes

As  promised, I am following up with a pictorial of outfits with comfortable shoes.  For those just tuning in,  I have been healing and nursing a neuroma on my left foot which has challenged me to up my style game with different outfits based on the shoes.  I love and am use to wearing heels.

Tip 1:  When wearing tennies I think it is advantageous  to wear a little bit shorter ankle jean, I think it looks better and sporty!  I paired my Lucky  jeans  with a  J Crew white tee and  Guess Navy vest.



Tip 2:  Add structure to your outfit to give it a more polished look.  I added a Ann Taylor white jacket.  White Jackets are great to throw on a variety of outfits to give it an instant pick me up!


Tip 3:   For those wanting to keep their outfit evolving, just omit the vest,  and add different jewelry and shoes.  Donald Pliner Kitten heel sandals and very comfortable!



Tip 4:   Watch your hemlines of skirts and dresses.  A little above the knee is  more sporty and flattering for casual cotton dresses.  If you have great legs go SHORTER!!!! J Crew Cotton Dress


SeaVees Canvas Sneakers


On the other hand if you are wearing the ultimate comfortable shoes and don’t necessarily want them the focal point at all, go for a maxi dress- down to the floor hemline!




Tip 5: Accessorize with Statement Jewelry


J Crew Earrings,  Dress purchased at Ross


Tip 6:  Vertical Dressing.  By dressing monochromatic it gives the illusion of a taller you!

Dresses are great for Vertical dressing and so perfect for summer.  This dress is cotton and comfortable. I added a black pair of Donald Pliner Kitten Heel Sandals.


All White!! Tank purchased at the Parker Palm in Palm Springs, White Linen Blend pants at Marshalls


Another example of Vertical Dressing.  Head to Toe all one color.  I added the cardigan and belt for pulling the outfit together.  Black Leggings  J Jill, Zara black shell and cardigan.


Tip 7:  A little peekaboo blouse showing off a pretty bra is a nice distraction!  Also Fancy Shorts can add a Polished look rather than the basic Chino short.  Ann Taylor Loft Shorts, Zara White Blouse, Journelle Black Lace Bra, Clarks Black Slides


A plunge deep V vest  bringing  the eye up with the addition of a pretty hat.  Black Vest- Forever 21, Paige Denim Shorts,  Hat by  Gottex


Anne Klein Cream boat shoes


Tip 8:   Know your colors!  The more you know which colors look best on you the better you will always look!  I paired a  Zara Bright orange sweater with  J Crew White shorts and Leopard Birkenstocks


Sam Edelman Slides


Tip 9:   When wearing ankle straps look for small straps especially if wearing a Midi Dress (below the knee) . The reason is if your straps are bulky and wide they will steal your leg length and look chunky, which means you will look frumpy!! Red Ankle Strap Sandals- DSW, Cutout Dress -Zara


Tip 10:  When wearing white shoes make sure they are clean!!! Scuffed, dirty,  ripped shoes are going to bring your outfit way done in the polished dept!


The “comfortable shoe”  ensembles keep evolving as I do with my comfort level in them.  I will continue to share outfits and tips as the outfits come together!!!  I know to look great ultimately you need to feel great which means taking good care of yourself and accepting what you have and work with it!!!

Personal Branding: Invest in Yourself thru Pictures


This is the age of photos and pictures.   We see them all day and night on Facebook, Instagram, Emails, Blogs, Twitter, etc…  We are hooked to our phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.  It’s hard to escape the incoming all day long.  ( I am glad I grew up in the 80’s!)

Our photos are our calling card, and a visual image of who we want to be.  We can use pictures to our advantage if taken well.  If we have a bad shot it can actually hurt our image or slow down the path in which we want to succeed.

Whether it is for a Dating Site, Linked In, FB profile, or business profiles photos of yourself need to look great not just good. We have larger audiences with social media .  There is no excuse and if you want to get noticed and stand out,  having a great picture of yourself is a smart tool in your success toolbox.

It is statistically proven we are sized up in 30 seconds based on how we look so let’s learn how to present our best image forward!

I am a stylist, makeup artist and photographer living in Tucson.  The following pictures I took, and styled the “afters”


9 Tips on representing yourself through pictures


Have 3-5 pictures of yourself.   A good picture will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd! This includes a full body shot, face shot, action shot, and professional shot

1A: Full Body Shot                                                                           No bother hiding, you need to be truthful and show yourself from head to toe.



1B: Face Shot – Up close and Personal






1C: Action Shot – No friends, no pets, no children, no exceptions!






2.   Add a Professional Shot to your portfolio.   Friendly and completely pulled together!



3.    Use a photographer who knows how to take a good “casual” picture


4.  Solo Shot:  No one else in the picture


5.  Your Photo must be current, it needs to look like you right now!






6. The right clothes, hair and makeup are essential for a photo to represent you.   This picture does not represent her at all!  The picture also adds 10 years to her.


After makeup application –  WOW Factor!!!


Before Makeup Application



7.  You need to be the center of attention with your picture and pay attention to what is also in the picture.

I would edit the brick wall out, so we see more of her. Too much distraction in this picture.



Nice background  backdrop!  Not to distracting.  We see her first!


Notice the surroundings?? Not good for a photo to represent yourself and your house.


8.  Be Camera Ready wearing a nice outfit, makeup, and a good night’s sleep for bright eyes!




9. Have a Stylist help select your outfits for your photoshoot.  It is worth it!


10. When Smiling don’t overdue it.  Your eyes will appear squinty and closed

Too Squinty!.  Soften your Smile

img_3766 over

No Squinting here, Lovely shot of her!


Another lovely shot


Too Squinty again, and bad lighting


I hope this was of value to you and if your living in the Tucson area and need some assistance, I am happy to help!


Thru the Summer months  I am offering special promotions for the Personal Branding Service. Contact me for further information.

Also stay tuned for Wardrobing with Comfortable Shoes.  I will share great outfits with the emphasis of pulling it together with flat, low, comfortable shoes!












The Pursuit of Happiness- As in comfortable footwear

Fuck!!!!!!  I have to wear comfortable shoes at the moment.

bandaid feet

For those of you just tuning in I am a Shoeaholic!  I admit it and  I hope someone out there gets it and understands!   Can we talk Shoe Porn??

BCBG wanna be Valentino Spiked Kitten Heel Pump

FullSizeRender (41)

I love beautiful shoes and it would be fair to say I have been unpractical with quite a few show stopper pairs of shoes!!!

Aldo Gladiator Heel Sandal


Nine West Sparkle Heeled Party Sandal


I was a ballerina from age 6 thru college and I was taught there is beauty with pain and suffering.  

Chanel Spectator Lace Ups

web16 - Copy

Emilio Pucci Velvet Multi Print Sling Backs

FullSizeRender (42)

Sam Edelman Leopard Pony Hair Kitten Pumps


As a Stylist , I have helped countless women find comfortable shoes, heard their ailments and I thought to myself, someday that will be me and that day has come. F**** again!!! This will be temporary!!!!


So what’s the problem??

FullSizeRender (35)

I have a neuroma on my left foot that is speaking loud and clear to me.  Shooting pain to be exact going thru my 2nd toe and the ball of my foot.  Throughout my life I  have dealt with pain while suffering from heel spurs, bunions, plantar fasciitis, blisters that are bleeding, calluses that excite my pedicurist, and ingrown toenails.  Shall I go back to explaining the early years of discipline in Ballet class???

So on that note you must realize how painful a neuroma is for me to hold up the SURRENDER FLAG!!

AS I am no quitter I made an appt with my podiatrist for a cortisone shot and he said it will help tremendously. He also said neuromas predominately only occur with women due to our shoe choices.

 I also went to GOOD FEET to get arch supports that will shift my gate when I walk and hopefully improve the situation.

FullSizeRender (37)

It was suggested I bring in a few pairs for proper sizing.

FullSizeRender (36)

Olivia suggested I buy a Strengthener pair that will help heal the neuroma , and a Maintainer pair that I can wear with a variety of shoes to add some support and comfort.

FullSizeRender (39)

Olivia was so helpful and I recommend anyone with feet issues to go see her and get some Arch supports.     The store is located in the Crossroads Shopping Center.  4811 E. Grant Rd Suite 127 Tucson , AZ 85712 Local: (520) 327-3163

FullSizeRender (40)

It has been a 2 weeks and I am praying to the shoe gods they work.   The price per pair was $300.  In the meantime I have been re-working my outfits and trying to re-work the system. I am not use to wearing flats at all.

My flat shoe collection so far:




Can I pull off a Kendall Jenner look??  Have they come up with leg extensions yet??

flats 4

I love this look with sneakers!


And a few more looks I will try to mimic!

flats 2



Fortunately flats are in so I will just have to do my best.  At 5’3 it is just not my first choice.




Stay tuned and  I will be working on Stylish Outfits sans heels but rather FLAT’s   Also praying daily: NEUROMA be GONE!!!!

Behind the Scenes of Tucson Lifestyle Magazine June Swimsuit Issue 2017

Photo shoots are so much fun but there is a lot of work prior to the “big” day to make sure that day runs smoothly.

This blog is a pictorial of what happened behind the scenes, building to the final spread in the June Issue of Tucson Lifestyle Magazine that was shot at Casino Del Sol.


Bridgette the lovely model was so awesome to work with.  I asked her to come by my house for a dress rehearsal to make sure we were ready before the shoot.  We had fun collaborating and figuring out what looked best on her.  Not everything made the final cut.

As the stylist for the shoot, I was asked to produce a pictorial that illustrated a variety of swim trends.  I came up with four themes: retro. boho, glamour and athleisure.  A cover shot was also part of the assignment. The swimsuits, coverups, and accessories were borrowed from Dillard’s along with a few items from Marshall’s  and a few items from my own collection .



Before we begin I have to mention  Bridgette looks good in everything!  It was fun to watch the magic happen with all the themes.  Also in between styling Bridgette I took as many pictures as I could.  This blog is made up of my pictures with the exception of a few by Tom Spitz.

Boho is a bohemian, gypsy theme which is very trendy at the moment.  The  Vintage Burgundy Bottega Veneta Scarf was a perfect balance to the nude  Kenneth Cole swimsuit.  The “cover up ” purchased from Marshall’s  is actually a  wrap maxi dress.


The day of the photo shoot.

The Boho sexy hair and makeup look was achieved by Jacqueline Scordato.  She truly is an Artist!!!



The magazine layout!



Sexy cut out swimsuit by Isabella Rose, (Dillard’s)  Hat and Cover Up  (Marshalls).  Dolci is my personal property and she did not make the final cut!



The day of the photo shoot


Tom Spitz  amazing and fun photographer, Jacqueline  Scordato, talented Makeup and Hair Stylist, Joseph Boldt, Assistant to Tom,  Matthew Kaufmann, Art director for Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, and Scott Barker, Executive Editor for Tucson Lifestyle Magazine were all so  present and dedicated to making this layout beautiful.  We got lucky the day of shooting because it was quiet around the pool and the temperature was bearable!


The magazine layout!


My favorite shot by Tom Spitz!  OMG amazing and this didn’t make the magazine.



Nothing says Glamour like a big brimmed hat!  Add black and white and it is Mega Watt Hollywood!   I love this suit by Michael Kors and the Jewelry to compliment. (Dillard’s)


The day of the photoshoot:

WOW factor !!!  Sunglasses and hat from my private collection


Black Fan I found at Cost Plus.  Perfect for the shoot!


The magazine layout!



Lots of ideas on this theme!!  I ordered the vintage swim caps from Amazon.  Indeed they were cute but in the end were not used.  The umbrella which I loved was also not used.





In addition to the swim attire I had the idea Bridgette would be floating on a huge pink peacock .  Thanks to Leslie’s Pools it happened!

FullSizeRender (32)

It took Matthew over an hour to inflate it!  Scott and Matthew are assisting  Pinky to the pool!


Hey that’s not Bridgette!!!


Goofing off in between shots.

FullSizeRender (34)

The magazine layout! (Gianni Bini swimsuit, Dillard’s)



The rash guard didn’t make the cut.  My dog Dolci knew she wouldn’t be invited the day of the shoot so she had to make the best of it on dress rehearsal day!


This  look did make the cut!  Awesome pants by Lilly Pulitzer,(Marshall’s)  and suit by Jessica Simpson. (Dillard’s)


The swimsuit ended  up being  in two fun shots.  Both water elements with accessories  to create two different looks

The day of the photo shoot:

Awesome action shot!  Tom asked her to leap and jump many times to get the best look!


The swim cap from Amazon.


The magazine layout!


Note to self: Must wear sunglasses!




Jewelry (Dillards)


Tom and Matthew making it work!


The magazine layout!



I wasn’t sure on this final look but we were playing around and having fun.   I knew I would be applying ten pounds of jewelry on her the day of!  Dolci photobombing again!



My inspiration!


The day of the photo shoot:

Bridgette is officially now a Goddess! Jewelry and Hat from my private collection.



The Cover of the June Issue!!!!


The towel collection everyone wants!

I purchased these a few years ago at H&M  and I knew they would come in handy one day! Perfect for Tucson!


The amazing team that I had the good fortune to work with!

From left to right:  Myself, Scott Barker, Bridgette Slagis, Jacqueline Scordato, Matthew Kauffman, Tom Spitz, and Joseph Boldt.


In conclusion what a great day and great results!  I hope this blog inspired you to go out and look your best this Swim Season!  To have a look at the magazine go to:http://www.bluetoad.com/publication/?i=411165&ver=html5&p=1